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West Seattle Real Estate

by Seattle on September 1, 2011

Looking for your dream home in West Seattle? You’ve got plenty of options to choose from if you area! West Seattle is one of the hilly neighborhoods in Seattle and is west of the Duwamish River and has lovely beaches. West Seattle has sensational views of the Cascade Ranges to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west.

There are neighborhoods within West Seattle and at the heart of it all is “The Junction,” which is a business disctrict at the intersection of California Avenue S.W. and Alaska Street S.W.

Pricing and Features

There are many open houses in West Seattle for home sales. The average price for a home is $300,000. There are many homes available for sale and they vary in size from small one or two bedroom houses to larger six, seven and eight bedroom houses. There are beach front homes for sale, homes with a view of the mountains and homes closer to downtown.

There are modern and updated homes as well as older homes for sale. These factors will all affect the price of your new home, as well as the school district your home is situated in. Trends in prices have been up and down, and the average listings seem to be heading back up. (Search Seattle, WA homes for sale)


Seattle Investment Real Estate

by Seattle on August 1, 2011

Seattle is one of America’s most beautiful cities and the powerhouse of the Pacific Northwest, which has long attracted many immigrants, plus many Americans who have relocated from other states. The entire Elliot Bay and Puget Sound area surrounding Seattle, plus the proximity of the Olympic National Park, make this an outdoor paradise with mild winters and pleasant summers, resulting in little need for air conditioning.

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The historic neighborhoods near downtown Seattle, such as Queen Ann, are preferred by many people desiring convenient public transportation. A good place for real estate investors to find bargain rental property is the North Seattle neighborhoods of Fremont, Mountlake, and the University District. West Seattle is a favorite area with green parkland in such neighborhoods as Fauntleroy and Youngstown, offering great views of the harbor.

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For real estate investors who take a hands-off approach, there are several property management companies in Seattle which will deal with maintenance, tenant, and financial issues.

The Boeing Airplane Company has long had a big presence in the Seattle area, and remains one of the top employers. Seattle is the gateway to Alaska and the Pacific Rim countries, with a busy seaport and airport. Starbucks and Amazon are based in Seattle, making for a diversified economy with brighter employment prospects than many other cities.


Seattle Foreclosure Listings

by Seattle on April 25, 2011

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Seattle Foreclosures

Foreclosures in Seattle WA

We are currently seeing a dramatic rise in foreclosures proceedings. Unfortunately, many people in the Seattle area are losing their jobs at an alarming rate. Many economic experts predict that the unemployment rate will continue to rise for a period of time.

This unfortunate event is providing real estate investors and first time home buyers a golden opportunity. First time home buyers and sharp real estate investors can easily get their hands on Seattle foreclosure listings. These listings contain invaluable information that can help anyone make or save a substantial amount of money. Let’s take a look at several advantages of acquiring Seattle foreclosure listings.

Discover Hidden Gems

(See foreclosure listings) Each listing has a full listing of hidden gems. One can avoid dealing with homeowners who are trying to sell their properties at their full value. Seattle foreclosure listings have hundreds of homes being available that are not commonly known to the public.

Save a Tremendous Amount of Money

(See foreclosure listings) It is common to find properties being offered at substantial discounts. Some homes on these listings are being discounted by at least twenty percent off of their true market value. A home buyer can save a tremendous amount of money.

Complete Information

Complete information is available on each home on the list. Lender’s names and contact information is listed beside each home. The current state of the economy is forcing the unemployment rate to rise. This unfortunate event is providing a wonderful opportunity for real estate investors and first time home buyers. Acquiring a copy of the Seattle foreclosure listings can help anyone find a great home at a discounted price. (See foreclosure listings)


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February 26, 2011

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